Crocuta Game Lodge: Discover Tranquility and Adventure!

Escape to the untamed beauty of Crocuta Game Lodge, an oasis nestled amidst the breathtaking Waterberg Mountains, approximately 200kms away from the bustling cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. Here, where the pulse of city life fades into the distant horizon, immerse yourself in the soul-stirring symphony of the bushveld, punctuated by the haunting calls of Fish Eagles echoing across the landscape. Crocuta, derived from the Latin term “corocotta,” evoking the enigmatic spirit of the Hyena, serves as the essence of our wilderness sanctuary.

Embrace the allure of nature as you encounter a diverse array of wildlife, from the majestic Giraffe and graceful Zebra to the elusive Nyala, all thriving in their natural habitat. Indulge in the comfort of our fully equipped, self-catering, and serviced lodge, where each of our five charming chalets beckons you to unwind in rustic elegance. Picture yourself gathered around the crackling fire pit, swapping tales of adventure under the star-studded African sky, or lounging beside the shimmering pool, savouring moments of tranquil reflection.

For the intrepid explorer, our hiking trails offer a gateway to discovery, where every step unveils the wonders of the wild. Embark on thrilling self-driven game safaris, where you can explore at your own pace and encounter elusive wildlife, igniting your sense of wonder. When the day draws to a close, retreat to the warmth of our lodge, where the camaraderie of fellow adventurers awaits in our inviting bar and lounge area. Beyond the bounds of our lodge, a world of adventure beckons, from thrilling hunting expeditions and scenic bicycle rides to soul-stirring bird-watching excursions. Whether you seek the thrill of the chase or the serenity of a leisurely stroll, Crocuta Game Lodge invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of South Africa’s untamed wilderness.

Commence in a journey where adventure meets tranquility at Crocuta Game Lodge, nestled amid the Waterberg Mountains, approximately 200km from Johannesburg and Pretoria. Your African escape beckons.

Unwind in Wild Splendour:
Our Bushveld Accommodation Awaits Your Safari

Relax in the heart of untamed beauty at Crocuta Game Lodge. Our safari-style accommodation offers a unique retreat amidst the African bushveld, with 5 cozy chalets, fully equipped kitchen, spacious lounge, dining area, swimming pool, and fire pit.

5 x Chalets

Cozy accommodation, sleeps 4 guests each.

Complete Kitchen

Open to all chalets for self-catering convenience.

Rustic Lounge

Entertainment hub with pool table, darts and DSTV.

Dining Area

Communal space accommodating up to 20 guests.

Swimming Pool

Refreshing oasis amidst the bushveld.

"In the bush, one forgets to hurry or to worry, and the pulse of life becomes as slow and regular as the beating of one's heart."

Karen Blixen

Booking 1 Chalet:

R1320 per unit per night

Booking Entire Lodge

R6000 per night

A Haven of Comfort and Serenity

Nestled amidst the lush embrace of the African bushveld, our five spacious chalets offer an enchanting retreat for discerning travellers seeking both comfort and adventure. Each chalet, meticulously designed for your utmost relaxation, boasts amenities ensuring a memorable stay. With room for four guests, they feature one queen bed and two single beds, providing a peaceful haven for families and small groups. Indulge in a private ensuite with a refreshing shower, basin, and toilet. 

Please note that some of the chalets have fitted gun-safes. A spacious closet offers ample storage and additional bedding to all chalets. Built-in wall fans ensure pleasant temperatures, while round-washed river stones and thatched roofs keep the chalets cool. Venture outside to discover paved walkways linking communal areas, including the swimming pool, fire pit, kitchen, and bar lounge. Carefully planned shading ensures comfort, allowing full immersion in the tranquility. Experience bushveld luxury at Crocuta Game Lodge, where every moment is crafted for pleasure and relaxation.

With the current loadshedding schedules in South Africa guests will be happy to know that they are covered with a back-up generator. 

Kitchen Delights:
A Culinary Haven

Our kitchen is the heart of our communal area, seamlessly connected to the dining area, large bar, and rustic lounge, setting the stage for unforgettable gatherings and shared moments. Here, culinary delights come to life amidst the warmth of close friends and family.

A well-equipped kitchen caters to all guests with ample cupboard space housing an extensive collection of dishes, utensils, and glassware. Appliances include a gas-top stove with electric oven and extractor fan, microwave, while a double sink makes cleanup a breeze. The kitchen door opens onto our inviting fire pit and braai area for alfresco dining. Storage options include a kitchen refrigerator, large double-door refrigerator, and spacious chest deep-freeze, ensuring freshness and perfection in every meal.

Dine in Rustic Elegance!

Step into our dining area, where rustic charm meets cozy comfort, creating the perfect ambience for unforgettable meals and lively conversations. With spacious dining tables accommodating guests comfortably, there’s ample room for intimate gatherings or lively banquets. Each wooden table exudes warmth and hospitality, providing ample space for culinary delights and lively chatter.
The comfortable wooden chairs invite you to relax and savour every moment, ensuring your dining experience is as comfortable as it is delicious. For larger groups booking the entire lodge, the tables seamlessly come together to create a communal feast, with plenty of space for everyone to dine in comfort. And when the weather beckons, take your meal outside to the fire pit, where the crackling flames add an extra touch of magic to your dining experience.

Immerse Yourself:
Unveil the Tranquil Majesty of Our Rustic Lounge

Welcome to our rustic lounge, the beating heart of Crocuta Game Lodge, where relaxation and excitement intertwine to create unforgettable moments. Crafted with care and attention to detail, our lounge offers a haven of comfort amidst the untamed wilderness. At the centrepiece stands our large bar area, a masterpiece of repurposed wood and round river rocks, inviting you to unwind with your favourite beverage in hand. Take a seat on one of our comfortable bar chairs and enjoy the ambience. Our double door beverage fridge ensures your drinks are always refreshingly cold, while an array of glasses caters to every preference.
Entertainment abounds with a pool table and dart board, promising hours of amusement. Sink into the comfortable lounge opposite the bar, or enjoy a moment of solitude on the sofa. With our full DSTV package available, sports enthusiasts need never miss a game.

Large sliding glass doors welcome in fresh air and offer quick access to the pool area, manicured lawn, and fire pit. Illuminated by night and bathed in natural light by day, the lounge boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere. Adorning the walls, hunting trophies proudly showcase the diverse wildlife of the region. Designed in harmony with nature, our lodge features river stone walls and a thatched roof, ensuring coolness even on the warmest days. Experience the essence of bushveld luxury in our rustic lounge, where every corner tells a story of adventure and relaxation.

Bar Area

Crafted with repurposed wood and river rocks, enjoy drinks.

Comfortable Seating

Sink into comfortable sofas or enjoy the bar chairs.

Beverage Selection

Keep cool with our double door fridge and varied glasses.


Challenge friends to a game of pool or darts.


Never miss a game with our full DSTV package.

Easy Access

Large sliding glass doors connect to pool area and fire pit.


Warmly lit by night, with natural light by day.

Wildlife Display

Adorned with taxidermy trophies of the region’s wildlife.

Back-up Power

Backup Power available during loadshedding.

"Home is where you feel at ease, even when you're far away."

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